4 reasons why your car battery won’t charge

Your car battery won’t charge? Here are some tips so you can detect issues with your accumulator. Avoid bigger problems and save money.

First thing you need to do is to identify if the failure comes from the battery itself or some other place. For example: it´s possible that the battery is in perfect condition but doesn’t charge because of electrical failures (this is probable the case when you just bought it).

4. Electrical issues

If the alternator is failing, this may be de cause why your battery won’t charge. The starter is another electrical component that may be having a problem, you can notice because the lights in the dashboard turn on but the car doesn’t. Something could being wrong with lights and cause a dead short. Be sure to consult a professional in these cases.

3. Charge problems

We have all been there: you turn the key but the car won’t start, seems dead. This is probably because you left lights on or something else, the battery cannot hold its charge forever. You may try to start the car by pushing it (but this only works on standard transmission) or you can take the battery for charge somewhere else.

This will not damage your car in most cases, but don’t forget to turn the lights off next time.

4. Battery leaking

Conventional car batteries contain sulfuric acid which could leak for many reasons, mostly because of weather, overcharging or lifespan reached. When this happens, the battery loses its capacity to retain charge. A common sign of this is white dust around terminals.

1. Battery spoilt

If you can´t find any other reason for the battery to be failing probably is because it´s spoilt.  As I mentioned in point 4, you must be sure that the electrical system works properly or a new battery could be damaged as well. Remember: car batteries usually have 2 to 10 years lifespan depending on their model. Be sure to know this so you can replace it before it stops working.

Call us if your car battery won´t charge. We send car batteries to your location. We can also check your car for electrical problems. Call us any time if you need help.

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