Common reasons why your car won’t move

If your car won’t move there are several common reasons why this could be happening. Make sure to keep up with maintenance and seek for professional aid if you notice issues while accelerating.

Fuel pump

One of the main reasons why your car won’t move is due to failure of the fuel pump. The fuel pump transports fuel from the storage tank to the combustion chamber. Electrical failures in its engine, sensors or the air-fuel mix are some of the issues associated with the pump.

In this case your car won’t move simply because it doesn’t get fuel to burn and convert into energy.

Fuel filter

If you step into the accelerator pedal and you the car moves intermittently or it sounds like little explosions this could be due to failure in the fuel filter. This filter removes dust particles that could be getting into the combustion chamber. Also, fuel impurities could affect pistons and other parts of the block engine.

Spark plugs

Spark plugs play an important role in the acceleration process. These parts provide the spark which starts the internal combustion that eventually produces movement. If one or several spark plugs are not functioning well this process cannot happen. It is important to replace spark plugs every 18,000 to 36,000 miles depending on its composition.


A bad exhaust could have an impact in the car´s acceleration. The exhaust end is not the only part of the exhaust system, which permits combustion residuals and gases produced by the engine to exit the system. If the exhaust or any of its components are not working properly these gases could block the engine and prevent acceleration.

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