Common reasons why your car won’t move

If your car won’t move there are several common reasons why this could be happening. Make sure to keep up with maintenance and seek for professional aid if you notice issues while accelerating. Fuel pump One of the main reasons why your car won’t move is due to failure of the fuel pump. The fuel […]

Common reasons why your car won’t start

If your car won’t start this information is for you. In most cases this is due to electrical problems, but you must be aware of some other possible issues in your car. When we say “a car won’t start” we could be talking about several issues. For example: That the engine doesn’t start working right […]

4 reasons why your car battery won’t charge

Your car battery won’t charge? Here are some tips so you can detect issues with your accumulator. Avoid bigger problems and save money. First thing you need to do is to identify if the failure comes from the battery itself or some other place. For example: it´s possible that the battery is in perfect condition […]

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